the story so far

Infinity is a two-piece Instrumental band from Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. They have just completed their first album engineered by Aaron Cash at Newsong Studio in Hastings.

Pat and Cameron have extensive individual careers playing throughtout New Zealand, Australia, South America and Asia. Their recent collaboration has crafted a unique album blending various rock influences and also sounds of Africa and Asia. Their songs are diverse and offer extremes from meditative listening to odd-time jungle grooves,  to trippy soundscape and edgy guitar rock.

This self titled debut album, 'Infinity' showcases extraordinary playing from both musicians with Aaron Cash being the ideal sympathetic ear in the engineers chair and offering invaluable assistance in production.

Pat and Cameron were motivated to challenge themselves in the areas of playing and composition and immerse themselves in fresh music which would allow a tremendous amount of freedom of expression. Indeed they feel they have achieved these objectives through the creating of this album and are very excited with the result.

The Infinity Album journeys  though a multitude of styles yet remains a cohesive body of work deserving an uninterupted listening - you know - like old school musical enjoyment.