the stories behind the players

Pateriki Hura  -  Guitars and other stuff

Infinity was Cameron's idea. He approached me in August 2014 at a time when I was growing bored with a series of long stints with covers bands in Hawkes Bay, NZ.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with him and  soon discovered that this was the right place to be.

​Two years and a bit later after much creative jamming and exploration we have produced an album which we are very happy with.

My career in music began with Hamilton originals band The Wetbacks in 1983. Other notable acts in earlier times were acoustic duo/trio Big Garlic Moon and rock bands Rum Jungle, Gorilla Biscuit and The Love Vendors. Through the 90's I was also involved in backing big name singers including Ray Columbus, Suzanne Lynch and Shane.

It has been 30 plus years now of performing, rehearsing, writing and traveling all over NZ and a small number of locations in the southern hemisphere including, Melbourne Australia, Bangkok Thailand and an impromptu solo gig in Peru whilst travelling there.

I have played  a  wide variety of musical styles and have explored different instruments. I have been involved in jingle production and Video/DVD production. I have performed in woolsheds and garages with 'no name' acts and also on large stages with some of NZ's biggest stars.

This has not been a solo journey but rather a journey of cooperation and sharing.  Following is a list of people I have  known or worked with who were particularly supportive and influential. 

David Meredith, Carol James, Anthony Hills, Dave Mather,  Mike Kirk, Robbie Laven, Marion Arts, Grant Haua, Kevin Shilling, John Michaelz, Sebastian Lloyd, Paul Higgins, Dianne Archer, Geoff Sinnott, Graeme Hardacre, Josh Sinclair, Nigel Masters, Star Sherrett, Ricardo Cesan, Suzie Lynch.

Much of my involvement with music has been in the role of backing musician and tutor.  In August 2014  Cam showed up at my house to prompt me to look further and get excited about doing something fresh and personal - and here we are seriously 'backing ourselves' with, and on, our first album.

Cam and I hope to venture further with 'Infinity' and relish the opportunity to discover new sounds, new rhythms, different approaches and a new application for the various skills we have developed through our careers and through the creation of our first album.

Thanks for checking us out, buy the album, happy listening.

Cam Budge  -  Drums

"I have had the pleasure of drumming for this inaugural album

from Infinity, a band that I have been a part of for 2 years. The compositions by Pateriki Hura have given me the opportunity to extend my playing while focusing on space and note placement.

My story starts with learning Pipe Band drumming at an early age under the guidance of Stu Davey and Dave Nicholson. Both these guys were talented drummers and fun people who taught the essential elements of Pipe Band drumming. After a couple of years I was lucky to learn from the then New Zealand Champion Pipe Band drummer, Ian Wright. Ian introduced me to intense practise, rudiment control, groove and note placement which he did with passion over a number of years. He was ruthless with his timing and stick control and although at times I was afraid to get things wrong, I adored and trusted his knowledge which I will always be thankful for.

My teenage years were all about locking myself in my room and playing drums. Listening to all (most) of the great players and trying to play 'as many notes in a bar as possible'. A talent which I am happy to say I have outgrown.  I played with cover bands for a few years. I didn't have a driver's licence so someone would pick me up and drop me home later. I learnt all about 'bandmenship' .. How to be reliable, learn songs, drink 4% beer and talk to women...

These were formative years and any one who has played a lot will have a very similar story about crafting their instrument. 

Carl and Peter Schmidt, Dave Blennerhassett and Kevin McCabrey became my early heroes. They could play well, they rehearsed, they got gigs, they were smart musicians and we toured. Touring can develop a musician very quickly and we all became reasonably crafted at our instruments over this time.

The next number of years, I developed my chart reading, recording skills,  drum knowledge and tuning. I have always taught drumming and I still do this full time. I play for orchestras, Jazz bands, Show bands and I free lance occasionally. I teach Pipe Band drumming and drumset to students throughout schools. I also teach privately at my home.

I have learnt much from playing with Dave Boston and Graham Coumbe with the 'Boston Tea Party'. A band that played for 8 years nurturing Jazz music, Funk and all styles in a cover band environment. After this I played, recorded and toured with Gramsci, an original band which gave me the opportunity to look even closer at my drum lines.

There are many stories in between these years and they have all lead me to what I consider to be 'my definitive band' ... Infinity

Infinity allows space, texture, polyrythmic figures, odd-time signatures to coexist in each other's company ..

I am blessed to be playing with and to be influenced by Pateriki Hura.. Pat is a thoughtful and gracious musician who drives it straight to the soul with his beautiful guitar and keyboard playing and provocative arrangements. He is my hero.