People ask us 'what does Infinity sound like?'

We reply 'well...that's a difficult question to answer'.

 We might state that we are an instrumental rock band with a love of wide open spaces and exotica. Within our music every musical part is aware and respectful of every other parts role. We attempt to create the space which allows the musical parts to communicate their ideas freely.                           It was a conscious decision to produce instrumental music being that the 'Idol' media phenomenon had super saturated the music environment at the time we formed and had pushed 'the player' well into the background. We were frustrated covers musicians longing for the opportunity to play our instruments in an unrestrained fashion while holding true to our sense of musicality.

 We invite you into our new world - or rather a world that we hadn't lived in for some time and now are rediscovering. If you are into a fresh approach and a unique blend of elements and style then this album could be for you.

 We enjoy a wide range of music from around the globe and love to bring these influences to our creative process. We love to go into a studio session without knowing the material 'too well' and therefore remain open to possibilities. In a way we are striving for the perfect meditation each and every time we jam. The Infinity album displays the joy of craftsmen at home in their work, exploring new form, taking some risks and loving it.

 We hear our sound as a positive and reflective place  - physical, visceral and spiritual.  




"As the songs progress and weave their way through their many shades and moods you have to remind yourself it is instrumental music despite the lack of lyrics providing a storyline"                  Stu Edwards : NZ Musician                                                                                                                       

"It's deeply unfashionable, it's not even on a label, and it involves guitar solos. And Gary Steel quite likes it."   7.0/10

Gary Steel : Witchdoctor 


about 'the sound'

Self titled album released July 1 2017

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"This album makes a statement without a word being spoken"

"Infinity is an audiophile's 


"Infinity is a 52 min CD packed full of musical surprises and enjoyment and .....

best described as going on a journey.

perfect to listen to on your high end system"

Martin van Rooyen : Managing Director and Owner of Perreaux Industries Ltd

"I thought it was a cool sounding piece of work"

Jason Backhouse  :  Studio Manager,

More Core Audio, Auckland, NZ

"The more you listen to it, the more layers you uncover"

Butch181 :

..."there is something delightfully appealing about this for its diversity...and the fact that they just went out and did it"

Graham Reid  :  Elsewhere NZ

"There is a poise and cr​aft on offer here that really is impressive."    ​